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University Girls

You never know what you might learn in college!
Two college freshmen girls kiss at a party. Next follows a series of lust, obsession, complication, and betrayal.


American MILF

What is a hot MILF to do when her husband comes home early from work horny? We're not sure, but it involves lots of hot sex.


Happy Ending

Eugene feels like he's been waiting all of his life to have sex with a hot Asian girl. Armed with his savings and a flyer to Korean Dreams massage parlor, he tries to make his dream come true.



Even the geekiest of us can find true love
After staying the night at Leonardo’s apartment Penty learns Shelton has a huge cock. So huge in fact she makes Leonardo organize a gangbang so she can fuck him. Watch Penty, Earnadette, Lamey, and the whole cast (and many surprises) have the most epic nerd gangbang ever!


Private Affairs

"Hot Intrigue and Mystery"
Jesse has a new beau and a wonderful relationship with him, she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. Until one day she comes home to him being dead. Believing he did not die of natural causes, she does her own investigation and uses her body to get the information she needs to solve this murder mystery.


A multitude of hot shorts and funnies await inside, a world of pop culture and comedy, hot and sexy shorts of every sort that will give a good chuckle!


Check out our all-original comics and pinups!

All-Original Comics

All-Original Comics

Enjoy our all-original comics and hot parodies, new content published regularly!

  Misc Content

A Vast Assortment of Content

New content is regularly released and special contributions from guest artists are featured!

Dirty Girls

The Dirtiest Girls Exposed

Whatever dirty fantasies your imagination has, you'll find it here!


Original Artist Sketches

Dozens of rough sketches and brainstorm sessions let you see inside the mind of Moose himself.

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Hey man. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I LOVE your Big Gang Bang Theory comic. I can't wait to see more pages of it. I particularly hope Bernadette gets some more action. I love her big boobies!




"Sexy and cool with a touch of funny. You like to have fun with your characters."



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